Success Stories


Miracle in my life!

I\'ve found the love of my life......on your website!

I thank all of you SO much for the great profile questions which supported me in really showing up and revealing who I am.  The essay questions really asked me to ge very clear on exactly what I wanted in relationship and in a partner.

After having done that excercise (and preparing myself through the years through my own inner work) I have found the man of my dreams who is so totally beyond any and all desires I could write in the profile......I'm still awestruck and incredibly grateful for any and all who took part in us finding each other.....I've found my soulmate and twin soul, and words cannot express my deep gratitude and celebration for this miracle in my life!

With great appreciation,

Lynds P
p.s. Please feel free to use the above in a testemonial.  I want EVERYONE to know about your site!