Success Stories


Match made in Heaven!

Hi Joy,

On your site, I am "*****" and the women I finally met in person is "*****".  I live in Denver, CO and she lives in Salt Lake City, UT.  We've had a flurry of email and many phone calls the past two weeks. We found that each of us was exactly what we've been asking the universe to deliver. 

I am a licensed Avatar Master for the Avatar Courses you would find at  She also teaches at a course called the Awakening. We\'ve both experienced very enlightened states of consciousness and live our life mostly free of judgment and filled with inner peace much of the time.  However, we align with each other on recreation, spirituality, sexuality, financial goal, where we want to retire someday, music, etc. and we enjoyed the energy we felt together.

Also, I\'ve studied the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Astrology for decades and have noticed distinct patterns of behavior and attraction.  I am an borderline ENFP/INFP and she is an INFP.  My lifelong friend as far back as high school who I am still in touch with are NFPs.  I am an Aries sun and she is Pisces and for some reason I have found Pisces women to have deep emotional and spiritual passion.

We met for the first time yesterday in Grand Junction, Colorado and for both of us it was the most powerful chemistry either of us has ever experience in our lives and we've both been married a few times.  However, we know that a deep spiritual connection is the foundation of a match made in heaven.  We have that and even more than I ever dreamed possible.  If I could have dreamed up the absolute most perfect dream partner in the universe she matches not only everything I ever wanted but even the dreams I thought I would have to give up.

We both are positive about one thing, we definitely are committed to creating a pathway to spending the rest of our lives together.  I've never loved and cherished another so deeply in my life.

What is so wonderful for us is how a relationship founded on a deep spiritual connection between two souls who have been doing their spiritual homework growing themselves for decades completely transcends anything either of us has experienced or even dreamed possible.   Creating the "self" that can make that connection takes more time in life than any other aspect to grow, yet it reaps the highest rewards. I wish all who are here on this site to reap the same blessing of love that we have.