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Twin Flames Unite!

Jill, I’ve been meaning to write to you. Greg Agee and I (Andrea Klim) met on your site. I joined on July 6 and wrote my profile. I need to mention that my career for almost the last 22 years is a Professional Astrologer. I’m fortunate to have this knowledge and so I was able to examine profiles using my knowledge of most compatible signs. I found one gentleman who was Greg whose Sun trines my Sun. This is the best and most harmonious connection between 2 spirits and personalities. His Moon was conjunct my Mars (meaning they were conjoined and much alike emotionally) and his Mars trined my Moon. Mars energy refers to action, desire, movement and physical compatibility and Moon energy refers to emotional responses and trine means the most harmonious.  I thought how lucky could I be. I did know that the transit I was in had the potential to deliver a great relationship into my life. Greg lived in CA and me in FL but I thought I’ll write anyway and so I did.

He wrote back to me the next day and we exchanged phone numbers and began talking right away. He said he’d been looking for an Astrologer for quite some time and he hired me to work for him and his family. But we also were talking a lot. We had no problem communicating and we had so much in common. Within 2 days I shut down my profile and he did as well. I’m 57 and he’s 63. He flew all the way from California to Florida on August 9th to meet me and we had our first date and he stayed here for 4 days. We had the absolute best time! It was just so easy. He flew back again on August 30th and stayed for 2 weeks. We are falling in love! We’re making plans for our future and we’re both smiling all the time. I have to say I’ve done many composites/relationship charts throughout my Astrology career and I’ve never seen one like ours. We both feel like we’re walking on air! 

I wanted you to know how special Spiritual Singles is. We’re both extremely grateful for your site! I’ve been looking for a long time for someone who I could share my life with who had the same beliefs, interests and the minute we met each other at the airport we each knew there was something wonderful happening! I’ve never had a connection like this and Greg said he’s never felt or experienced the wonderful relationship we have. However, I have to say that before we met we both felt something neither of us ever felt before. It was wonderful and there was this happiness that is indescribable occurring and we’d not met yet. As well as an Astrologer I’m also a highly sensitive person and I am gifted with the ability to see spirits who have left their physical nodes and I’m psychic. As I said earlier I had never felt the bliss I felt through our connection. Greg is also a sensitive and very intuitive. He described having the same feelings that I had. 

In 2018 I published my first book and I’ve got 7 more I’ve started to publish. I’ve been on NBC and had my own TV show in New England for 8 years. My career is changing where I’m offering seminars and galleries and plan to travel in the future. So Greg plays a key role in my personal life now and my career as he’s an Entrepreneur with an MBA and we don’t only share many common personal connections but also common business interests. Neither of us has had a relationship like ours and it’s SO exciting!

My daughter is getting married on January 3rd so I need to be here for her but after we’re making plans for our future together. We’re so happy and looking forward to making many happy memories together. We are definitely Twin Flames which is described as the most blissful connection/relationship and gift any 2 people could experience. We’re so grateful to Spiritual Singles and we wish others the same joy as we’ve found together! God bless all of you at Spiritual Singles. You’re changing lives!

Kindest & Warmest Regards,
Andrea Klim
Esoteric Astrologer, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, TV/YouTube Personality, Psychic, Medium

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