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Great Match and Very Happy

Hi there Jill

Peter and I would love to share our success story. Peter, a member on Green Singles first wrote to me, a member on Spiritual Singles, on 16 April 2015. After chatting for six months via emails he flew me over from South Africa to Vermont for a short visit. Three months later he flew me over to spend Christmas with him. We got married on the 20 September 2016 in Vermont. I was thrilled that Peter flew over my son to join us on our special day. We are a great match and very happy. Thanks so much for combining the two dating sites that made it possible for me to meet my love.

Much love to you 
Trudy and Peter

Follow up: 

Hi Jill

Yes, we would love to have our success story posted. 

Peter first wrote to me on 16 April 2015.  I was living and working in South Africa, my birth country and home. Peter is an American and has lived in Vermont most of his life. 

My first impression of Peter was that I liked that he "thinks outside of  the box" and loves taking risks. As we got to chat more via email I really came to love and admire the man that he is. Peter takes great care of himself.  He has been vegetarian or pescatarian for over 40 years, buys mostly organic foods, is super healthy and fit, and environmentally aware. I love that about him!

Peter says that when he looked at online dating profiles my pic just "jumped out at him" and he had to write hoping our age difference would not be an issue. I am so happy I responded when I did!

We now live in Brattleboro, Vermont. I just survived my first winter here: it was long and harsh, but beautiful!

Warm regards,
Trudy and Peter