Success Stories


Waiting a Lifetime for Each Other

 Hi Jill,
I am thrilled to share another success story with you!  My husband (yes, husband) Chris and I love to tell people we met on a dating site neither one of us signed up for.  He was on Green Singles and I was on Spiritual Singles.  We had both tried the sites several years ago, but found little selection in our area.  Strangely enough, we both decided at about the same time to try the sites again. 

He was the first person to contact me after I renewed my profile. Less than a week into dating we knew we had traveled many lifetimes together.  The conversation was effortless, the connection undeniable.  It's been less than six months and we just married in Hawaii!  Together we have six children, our own Brady bunch!  They too have been a seamless match.  We all love spending time together as a family, and all personalities seem to compliment one another. 

Our entire journey, albeit short, has been littered with Godwinks (what I call synchronicity). Just further confirmation that we have been waiting a lifetime for each other.  
Thank you for creating your sites!  There is no better joy in the world than finding someone who shares your passion for conscious awareness in all things.   
Sincerely in Love,
Melissa Meadows Hart

There are many sites in the Conscious Dating Network that all share the same large database of members, so you may meet someone from a different site than you joined, however, it's really one big site with different marketing doorways in!